VALUE DRIVEN APPROACH An integrated method towards developing performance cultures.

SDA is a multi faceted organization, operating in many different areas.

GLOBAL REACH The founder and partners of SDA have worked on global issues all over the world for over 15 years. Accordingly, we have staff located in major cities around the globe.

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Informed and experienced guidance

Daniel Yolleck

Roger Cater
Global Head of Client and Quality

Uri Galimidi
Global Head Consulting Services

Ron Kitamura
Global Head Organization Effectiveness

Rich Pendergast
Global Head Change Management

Merv Rogers
Global Head Facilitation & Events

Cheryl Smith
Global Head Learning

EDUCATION Disseminating knowledge & building expertise

Corporate Culture Academy

  Principles Leadership Change  
  Overview & Preparation
Best Practices
Transformational Shifts
New Competencies
Focus Shifts
Implementation Agendas
Employee Shifts


“The art & science of creating high performance”

CLIENTS   Customer Segmentation

There are a number of industries around which we have built expertise and deep cultural databases. Our experience allows us to bring world-class knowledge, garnered from Fortune 500 companies, to a select number of clients. Due to the intense nature of these engagements, we work exclusively with a limited number of clients in selective industries, and particular regions around the world. Our database provides a very unique picture of cultural DNA, leadership, and execution issues, which serve as benchmarks for different organizations. Areas of focus that we have chosen to support include:

“True insight is priceless"


P4 Technology

Reports & recommendations

Facts & validated culture assessment

>> Based on proprietary behavioural technology & human science
>> Clear and methodical explanations of complex organizations
>> Definitive recommendations and road maps for execution
>> Deep insight, data, risk factors and decision guidelines

"FIRST EVER - Behavioral Culture Assessments"

INSIGHTS & RECOMMENDATIONS   Mapping a path forward with fact based course corrections

How the culture responds to problems and challenges. How the culture responds to problems and challenges. How the culture responds to problems and challenges. How the culture responds to problems and challenges.  
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